Cocktails To Go

PZA Parlour Calgary is now offering Cocktails to Go for our customers in SW Calgary to enjoy some of our favourite hand-crafted cocktails. These pre-mixed cocktails start at $35 and serve 4.
Call (403) 455-2033 or visit our location for more information.


Negroni (8oz)


Equal parts Gin, Campari, Red Vermouth.
Garnish – Orange Peel



Equal parts of Bulleit Bourbon, Campari, Red Vermouth.
Garnish – Orange Peel

Old Fashioned

$35 - $40

Bulleit or Knob Creek bourbon, water press – Garnish – 2 Bitter Soaked Sugar Cubes – Orange Peel

Grand Margarita


Espolon Tequila, Grand Marnier, Lime Juice, Agave Nectar


Address :

297 – 9737 Macleod Trail SW

Phone :

(403) 455-2033

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