About PZA

PZA PARLOUR where tradition meets modern

The History

In the early 70’s Joe and Teresa Tudda opened the first Stromboli Inn in Kensington, which became an institution in Calgary known for its welcoming atmosphere, fresh quality ingredients, and delicious pizza. After running Stromboli Inn successfully for 30 years they opened Villa Firenze, a restaurant specializing in fine rustic Italian cuisine which can still be found in Bridgeland.  Once again Joe and Teresa managed to create a warm atmosphere serving fresh, homemade Italian food. All of Joe and Teresa’s children worked in the restaurant learning the family recipes and techniques, and some opened their own restaurants continuing Joe and Teresa’s proud tradition. Their son Dominic opened Pulcinella in the heart of Kensington and their other son Peter reopened Stromboli Inn located in Bridgeland. Their daughter and son-in-law, Pina and Joe Nicastro successfully ran Villa Firenze. Tony Nicastro, 3rd generation of the Tudda family legacy and current owner of Villa Firenze, is bringing his experience and his family’s traditions to PZA Parlour. Welcome, and enjoy!

The Tradition

Working at his family’s restaurant since the age of 10, Tony Nicastro learned from a very young age, by watching his father Joe Nicastro and grandmother Teresa Tudda in the kitchen, what it takes to run a successful establishment that provides only the best quality food. PZA Parlour uses fresh locally sourced ingredients, and the dough, sauces and pastas are all made in-house. Throughout every level of preparation the highest quality standards are met from start to finish. That is how his Grandparents Joe and Teresa did it, and this is how he does it.

The Concept

PZA is a fun and creative play on the word pizza, it is something you will never forget. It is clean, vibrant and easy to text, which will make it a common staple in the industry. The word parlour is a smaller role in the definition of our restaurant concept but still a key component as it brings in aspects of my traditions. I grew up with the checkered tables, green carpet, wicker wrapped wine bottles and my Nonna’s passion for creating great pizza, all of which are associated with the word parlour. As I am a young restaurateur I wanted to ensure that I touch all age groups and made young and old feel comfortable in my restaurant. PZA Parlour does just that!


My goal is to have PZA grow with me, my family and yours. I want it to become the place that everyone grows up with, the place our parents took us for a good time. We are focusing on good service, great food and a good time. You may feel design aspects of a modern tone when walking in, but as you dine you will begin to get hints of nostalgia in the room and menu. You will have come into a fresh new restaurant but leave feeling like family sitting at Nonna’s table.


PZA is me, Parlour is where I come from.

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